Magoosh Common Word 6 [ Part 01 ]

Khan Md Hasib
1 min readApr 22, 2020

USA plots a new news about immigrant issues which is arduous for the non-Americans. Though the citizens of USA feels happy and bolster about the news and askance the behavior of immigrant people. Still many pundits believe that this makes a clumsy decision around the globe but positive side will be deleterious the facts of war. The political issue of USA criticizes the contrition fact about the news and said it is like craven decision and duress the immigrant people to throw out. In mean time, UNO efficacious the matter and said they will elicit about the news and vow to take steps which edifying the non-Americans.

The maverick party of USA leads a critical condition after fluxing the news in the whole world and ignominious the scholar students too. Many journalists from different country maladroits the news and harried about the new law of non-Americans. This is an example of mendacity some believes and misconstrue the nature of vow. People are nonplussed and nuance the situation with other political parties. The opulence of the country posit about the fact and rebuke the poor people for that which is another twist. Though the placate people completely are against this law and questions speciously of the news legality.

In the conclusion, many believes this law will not be stringented and it is transient as it makes people sullen and have a loss a lots of profit from outside country.