Magoosh Common Word 01 [Part-02]

Khan Md Hasib
1 min readApr 27, 2020

Saul Goodman is a gregarious person in the EL PASO, TEXAS society though he harangues over people with multiple subjects. It involves the situation sometimes but there is a Kim, his girlfriend maintain the scenario. In early childhood time, Saul brought up in a parochial family where his father treat his family in parsimonious way as he was a laconic person. Saul’s mother was iconoclast in the family and sometimes she impertinent with her child’s and wanting the educational background of her self.

Chuck, the elder brother of Saul is restive to become a lawyer and always taught his brother to be veracious in life though he upbraids with his brother in some debate. Saul feels undermine in the family as if he is a prodigal boy what makes his family prevaricate to love Saul rather Chuck. In past, the venality of Saul’s family was high and DEA relevant the facts though they were innocuous about them.

In summary, Saul has always intimate his family not only in past but also in present environment. He is ingenious sometimes according to his clients and vindicates perfectly every law which makes him famous “Better Call Saul”.