Magoosh Common Word 01 [Part-01]

Khan Md Hasib
1 min readApr 27, 2020

The aberration behavior of Salamanca left him in wheelchair and made his life amorphous while working with ambiguous business associates. In mean time, a frugal man like Mike tracked down the enervate family of Salamanca and galvanize the artful Mr. Fring whom Mike worked with. The whole scenario was like commensurate with the story of “American-Mexico Business” and the things that were belie was extanted the revenge of salamanca.

When castigate Salamanca was in wheelchair , the other anomalous family member took the leadership which made sick Salamanca auspicious when he heard the news. The calumny situation of associating business in Texas made Mr. Fring more egregious and demur the partnership with Salamanca. DEA was disinterested the whole business as they believed Mr. Fring was not betrayed with them.

In conclusion, the censure relation between Mr. Fring and Salamanca became an issue of amenable condition though some members still found chastise between them. Yet, the ambivalent situation makes the DEA amalgam of the scenario and made them acrimony to rethink the business area.